Dave (kero_wacko) wrote,

It's the only way they'll learn...

Ta-Daaaa!!! just found another new unsecured WiFi network in my building. NETGEAR...Ha! people too stupid to even change the name; they just set up their wireless router and awaaay they go. If they're not computer-savvy enough to set up a secure network, they deserve what they get. However, since I AM such a nice guy, I'll refrain from downloading kiddie-porn or bomb-making info thru their network. And on that note, did any of you in cyberspace know that you can quite easily convert a microwave oven into a directed-energy weapon? It's true; check out: http://www.bugsweeps.com/info/electronic_harassment.html
Pretty sinister...next-door neighbors keeping you up at night with their loud and lusty sex antics? Just silently irradiate them in their sleep from the other side of the wall, in the comfort of your own living room/bedroom. Bwa Hah Hah!!!
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Did you ever find that implant they put in your neck all those years ago a la D.S.?