Dave (kero_wacko) wrote,


So yeah, it would appear that I'm in Charlottetown PEI for the long weekend. I put my ol' thumb out for the very first time and hitch-hiked out from Wolfville NS. Managed to get a ride from Windsor to the Pictou ferry with an officer from the camp who was instructing on a staff course for foreign officers from Africa, Central America and Eastern Europe. Charlottetown's a pretty nice place; bigger than Fredericton but smaller than Halifax. It's the birthplace of Canadian Confederation to boot. Most of my PLQ coursemates are spending the weekend in Hali, so I gues that makes me a little anti-social. Pfft...whatever; I've already seen Hali several times before. As for the course itself, the first week has been pretty relaxed, not even any open-locker inspections. The camp is sooo small, the instructers have us form up on the FAR side of the class building just so we have a litte further to march to the mess hall...funny. And we won't be digging trenches on this course; the focus is on urban ops, though we'll still be doing section attacks and recce patrols. So I'll be spending the rest of today in PEI and probably thumb my way back to Nova Scotia tomorrow morn. And that would be the summary of my life for the week.
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