Dave (kero_wacko) wrote,

Vaya con Dios, muchachos

So it's around 12:30ish; my pals Dan and Larry should be airborne right about now. On the long tedious Air Canada milk-run from Vancouver to Fredericton. If past experience is any guide, they'll transfer flights in Montreal, where their baggage will get mixed up and it'll take days for it to get to them. Damned airlines... Anyways, I too will be heading to the Maritimes in another week; it's off to Camp Aldershot in Nova Scotia with me.

I know what you're thinking..."wow, that lot sure do get around." Let me elaborate: Dan, Larry, and I are Army Reservists in the Fraser Valley area of B.C. Suffice to say, our training requirements generally take us out East every summer. In my case, I'm completing a leadership course I need for promotion to Master Corporal. I had the choice of doing it in Camp Wainwright, Alberta or Camp Aldershot, Nova Scotia. If you've been to that part of Alberta you'll know why I chose Nova Scotia; Wainwright is a desolate hell-hole, surpassed only by Camp Dundurn, Saskatchewan. Secondly, my dad's side of the family comes from Kentville, NS, just south of Aldershot and said camp is where my grandfather joined the Canadian Army in WWII. Thirdly, Aldershot/Kentville is only 'bout an hour or so from Halifax, which is always a good spot for intoxication and debauchery. >this from personal experience<

But yeah, that's my introduction to the LJ world-at-large. Stay tuned for more about me and my crazy life.
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