Dave (kero_wacko) wrote,

Oh the fuckery...

I bring these things on myself, I really do. Namely, by placing too much faith in the military. Expecting to leave for my Engineer Section Commander course on the 28th of this month, I put in my notice to vacate my apartment; it's been shown and someone has already put a deposit on it for next month. And now this morning, I find out said course has been cancelled, likely due to a lack of available staff. So I'm left hanging. My unit is trying to get me a slot as Training Resource NCO, meaning I would effectively be in charge of a Section of lackeys, paid, housed, and fed at great expense to the public purse, to do menial jobs around the Engineer School and its facilities...

...The kind of jobs that the private sector might staff with cheap, unskilled immigrants.

HA!!! Take THAT, John Q. Taxpayer.
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